What Every Big, Overweight Man Needs to Know About Dieting for a Healthy Prostate

The link between diet and prostate health isn’t as well known as it should be, but it’s still one that every man should be aware of. If you’re reading this, there’s a decent chance you are a big man or have been one in the past. Dieting for a healthy prostate isn’t easy, but it is worth it in the long run.

Here are some things men can do to ensure a healthy prostate: 

  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Avoid processed meats as much as possible
  • Avoid snacking in between meals
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Exercise regularly

If you are a big boy who’s ready to make some healthy changes for your prostate, read on!

Why is it Important to Maintain a Healthy Weight: Dieting for a Healthy Prostate

Why is it Important to Maintain a Healthy Weight?
Healthy weight, healthy prostate!

As men get older, their risk of prostate cancer goes up. However, recent research has shown that maintaining a healthy weight can help reduce a man’s risk of developing prostate cancer later in life. The question is how. In general, research suggests that men can lower their odds of developing prostate cancer by reducing their overall weight and body fat and not drinking too much alcohol.

Men with high body fat percentages are more likely to have high levels of male hormones known as androgens. One study found that obese men with higher than usual androgen levels had five times greater odds of developing prostate cancer than other men. Another study found that being overweight can cause changes in hormone levels that lead to prostate cancer cell growth. To help protect your prostate from cancer, maintain a healthy weight and exercise regularly. If you are unsure about your current BMI, check out these BMI charts for men.

The healthiest way to lose weight is by combining healthy eating habits with regular exercise.

Why is it Harder for Bigger People to Lose Weight?

According to research published in 2010 in BMC Health Services Research, bigger people have a more challenging time losing weight because their bodies have to work harder. It’s known as an energy gap—when you take in more calories than you burn, your body tries to close that gap by storing some of those extra calories as fat.

Another study from 2006 published in Obesity Research shows that bigger people are less likely to exercise. Since most weight loss programs rely on physical activity, it’s easy to see why bigger people have such a hard time losing weight. How can big men be sure they’re taking care of their prostate?

The number one way to take care of your prostate as a big man is to watch what you eat! Keep reading to find out how you can quickly improve your diet. 

Avoid Processed Foods as Much as Possible

Avoid Processed Foods as Much as Possible
Processed foods are terrible for healthy prostates.

Avoiding processed foods can help men’s prostates. Doctors have suggested that you can significantly improve your health by avoiding processed foods as much as possible. Instead of eating foods out of boxes and bags, men should strive to eat real food whenever possible. This means eliminating most packaged or canned foods from their diet and replacing them with fresh fruits and vegetables grown in local community gardens.

Processed foods often contain unhealthy fats and too much sugar, negatively impacting men’s prostate health. Processed foods also often contain chemicals or additives that may harm men’s overall health.

Men should eat a lot of fiber each day as well. Fiber helps improve men’s digestive systems and makes them healthier overall.

Avoid Unnecessary Snacking in Between Meals

Excess snacking is particularly bad news when you’re trying to lose weight. Avoiding unnecessary snacking between meals can help men’s prostates reduce pressure on their bladder and prostate area. And as a bonus, it could help overweight men reduce their risk of other prostate-related health problems like inflammation or infections.

To avoid snacking in between meals, it’s essential to understand your calorie needs—which could help men with an enlarged prostate size or weight loss goals eat healthier. Dieting for a healthy prostate means no more snacking in between meals!

Drinking Plenty of Water is Excellent for Your Prostate

Drinking Plenty of Water is Excellent for Your Prostate
Staying hydrated is what your prostate craves!

It’s no secret that water can help fight off cravings and keep you hydrated throughout your day—which is why it can also help men suffering from conditions such as urinary incontinence or BPH. Whether you’re watching your salt intake or have high blood pressure, drinking plenty of water is excellent for your health too. 

Studies have shown that men who drank plenty of water had minor swelling and lower prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels.

Lastly, a study published in BJU International suggests that drinking plenty of water can help men’s prostates. More specifically, overweight men with enlarged prostates may see improvements by adhering to healthy lifestyles like drinking plenty of water and cutting down on salt intake. Why does drinking lots of water reduce swelling? It all has to do with water’s impact on urine output. The more fluid you drink in a day, the more your kidneys will process at night.

Regular Exercise Can Improve Prostate Health

Regular Exercise Can Improve Prostate Health
Exercise your way to a healthier prostate!

Exercise can improve your sexual health in several ways. When it comes to men’s prostates, exercise is crucial. Not only does regular exercise help shed excess weight—which can be especially beneficial if you’re overweight or obese—but it also helps circulate nutrients and oxygen throughout your body.

Regular exercise also helps improve blood flow throughout your body. This is especially important for men’s prostates because decreased blood flow can make it difficult for your body to remove waste and toxic material from your prostate.

Not all types of exercise are suitable for every man: While exercise can provide some health benefits for men with an enlarged prostate or other conditions, not all activities are appropriate. Take care not to do too much—especially at once—as this can worsen symptoms.

How you might go about making some positive changes in your diet

There’s no denying that men who are overweight or obese have a higher risk of prostate cancer than their trim peers. While diet isn’t everything in preventing prostate cancer—regular physical activity can also help—it can make your efforts that much more effective. Just be sure to keep your diet varied and use checklists or professional guidance (or both) as you make changes: it’s easy to get too strict with yourself and end up overeating when you feel deprived!

If you are struggling with your weight—especially if you’re also dealing with challenges like obesity or diabetes—it can be hard to make positive changes in your diet. But it is crucial!

You might not be able to incorporate all of these suggestions at once—be patient with yourself as you make changes and try not to lose sight of your goals. And remember: it’s essential to enjoy life, so if healthy eating makes you miserable—stop!

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