The Best Pants for Big or Overweight Men: How to Find the Perfect Fit

All men want to wear pants that look great and feel comfortable on their bodies, but shopping can be difficult if you’re big or overweight. The pants either don’t fit in the waist, they’re too baggy in the legs, or they make you look heavier than you really are (or all of the above). Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. This guide will teach you to find the best pants for big or overweight men, regardless of your size and shape.

When you are considering the perfect pant, you need to consider the following:

  • Finding your true waist size
  • The importance of hips, rise, and inseam
  • Trouser styles
  • Trouser cuts
  • Trouser silhouettes

We at Big Boned Blog know how frustrating it can be trying to find the perfect pair of pants when you are a big boy. We put together the ultimate guide to finding the best-fitting jeans for big or overweight men. 

Finding Your True Waist Size

Finding your true waist size can be a pain, but here's how!
Finding your true waist size can be a pain, but here’s how!

Don’t worry if you can’t find a size tag with your true waist size on it—you can figure out how big that is by taking measurements of your body. Stand straight and measure around your stomach. The resulting number is your waist size (though, again, not all manufacturers will list it). If you measure over 40 inches and still can’t find pants that fit you in standard sizes, go up a waist size.

You’re in luck if you’re big because there are now pants that fit big men. They can be found at many retailers, including some larger department stores. When buying pants, go up a waist size if you measure over 40 inches and still can’t find a size that fits. For example, if your waist is 50 inches around, you should try on a 52-inch pair of pants.

Now that you know your true waist size, you’re ready to find pants that fit. In addition to measuring your waist, try on a pair of pants and measure around your thighs—the point at which they bend in front of your knees.

The Importance of Hips, Rise, and Inseam

The Importance of Hips, Rise, and Inseam
Find the best hips, rise, and inseam for your body type can make a world of difference.

Every aspect of a pair of pants is essential for big or overweight men. You’ll want something that has extra room in your hips and thighs, a strong rise, and a longer inseam. The rise measures how far up your back your pants sit but be careful when ordering online, as many men’s styles feature low rises that are designed for those with slim figures and shorter torsos.

The importance of choosing a pair of pants with a strong rise can’t be overstated. For big or overweight men, pants with a low rise will bunch around your stomach and inseam, causing you to look shorter than you actually are and forcing you to wear long tops to conceal them. The importance of choosing a pair of pants with a strong rise can’t be overstated.

A longer inseam is also vital because it ensures that your pant legs won’t ride up while you walk. This problem is prevalent when wearing boots, which many big or overweight men do to add some length to their overall appearance. A longer inseam helps prevent these problems by ensuring that no matter what type of shoe you choose, they won’t cause your pants to ride up uncomfortably.

Trouser Styles

Trouser Styles for big boys
Big boys can look stylish too!

When big and overweight men buy pants, they look for comfort and a tailored fit. As you would imagine, finding an affordable pair of comfortable dress pants that also fit well can be difficult for larger guys. Fortunately, many trouser styles for big or overweight men offer both style and comfort. Regardless of your body type or clothing preferences, you can find a suitable pair in stores or online.

Many different trouser styles are available that work well for big and overweight men. Baggy pants make you look more prominent, while slim fits give you a slimmer silhouette. Slim-fit pants make your legs appear longer, but be careful when buying them online; they can often run short. You can also choose between flat front or pleated pants. Flat-front pants provide a more modern look, while pleated trousers have a more traditional appearance that can work with almost any outfit.

Trouser Cuts

Trouser cuts for big boys.
Make your pants are the right cut for your body type!

To ensure your pants look great and fit well, you need to choose a trouser cut that flatters your body type. Some cuts work better for big or overweight men than others. If you’re trying to lose weight or just want a new pair of pants that fit well, try one of these four cuts.

When choosing a trouser cut, it’s essential to keep in mind your height, weight, body type, and even lifestyle. For example, if you have a shorter torso but long legs, you might be better off with a flat-front pair of jeans than a pair of pleated pants that end up bunching at your ankles when you sit down. That said, there is no one best cut for everyone—your perfect fit depends on your unique body type!

Trouser Silhouettes

Trouser Silhouettes for big boys
Trust us, it’s hard for skinny men to find pants too…

Finding trousers that fit you is always going to be difficult, even if you don’t happen to be overweight. What are your options if you have a few extra pounds or simply want your clothes to flatter your body type? Finding pants for big men can be challenging business; sometimes, it can feel like designers think we’re all skinnier than we are. Your best bet is to go for a fit that matches your body shape and trouser silhouette as closely as possible.

Another silhouette that flatters larger bodies is slim-fit chinos. Slim-fit trousers hug your hips and thighs without squeezing them too tightly, resulting in a more proportional appearance. These chinos from Zara feature slimmer fits around each leg than most chinos you’ll find on department store racks.

There you have it! Now you are ready to rock your new pair of pants for any occasion. They look great on you!

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