Five Foods Overweight Men Should Avoid If They Want to Lose Weight

Overweight men who want to lose weight should be aware of what they’re eating and which foods they should avoid if they really want to achieve their goal. These are five foods overweight men should avoid if they’re going to shed the extra pounds and get back into shape for good.

If you are an overweight man looking to get healthy and drop some flab, you will want to steer clear of these five unhealthy foods:

  • Processed meat
  • Refined grains
  • Red Meat
  • Alcohol
  • Soda or fruit juice

Let’s take a look at how these five unhealthy foods can stop any diet in its tracks.

Processed Meat

Processed meat is an unhealthy choice for overweight men.
Processed meat is an unhealthy choice for overweight men.

men with weight problems should avoid processed meat. Processed meat contains saturated fat and sodium, two ingredients that are inextricably linked to a higher risk of heart disease, stroke, and Type 2 diabetes. Additionally, research suggests that processed meats may lead to early death from cancer. Stick with fresh cuts of meat for your health’s sake!

This type of meat is filled with fat and saturated fat that contributes to weight gain, so men would be better off choosing lean cuts of beef instead.

It’s no surprise that processed meat is unhealthy for men with weight problems, but did you know that it can also impact your health in other ways?

While processed meat is less likely to lead to an early death from cancer, it may increase your risk of contracting many other types of cancer, including colon cancer. In a 2012 meta-analysis that looked at 1.5 million people over 20 years, eating just 50 grams (about three slices) of processed meat each day was linked with an 18 percent higher risk of colorectal cancer. Eating 100 grams (about one complete package) led to a 51 percent increased risk for men with high BMIs.

Refined Grains

Refined grains are leave you feeling hungry.
Refined grains are leave you feeling hungry.

Most whole grains are just fine for men who want to lose weight. In fact, they can be beneficial: When you switch from refined grains (like white bread) to whole grains (like 100 percent whole-wheat bread), you’ll consume fewer total carbs and more fiber. Whole grains also tend to be higher in protein than refined ones, which means they help you feel fuller longer.

Avoiding refined grains is a good idea for all men, and it’s essential if you’re overweight. Eating whole grains will help reduce your overall carb intake and keep you fuller longer. That means it may be easier to stick with a reduced-calorie diet (it should also make sticking with a healthy-eating plan easier in general).

In addition, refined grains have a lower nutritional profile than whole grains. That means you’re likely consuming fewer vitamins and minerals—and therefore missing out on essential nutrients that are important for maintaining your energy level, improving your mood, and helping with weight loss. Overall, eating fewer refined grains can help overweight men cut down on calories without feeling hungry all of the time.

Red Meat

A closeup of various unhealthy red meats.
Red meat is delicious but not very diet friendly.

Although red meat is leaner than other meats, it contains a lot of fat and cholesterol. For overweight men trying to lose weight, it’s crucial to avoid red meat and fatty cuts of other types of meat such as ribs and pork chops. Instead, opt for lean cuts like chicken breast or turkey without skin. Of course, trimming excess fat from all meat is crucial for avoiding weight gain. Keeping up with weekly weigh-ins is essential for gauging your progress.

When it comes to weight loss, moderation is key. It’s fine when you eat red meat as part of a healthy diet. But when you overeat, it can cause weight gain. One 3-ounce serving of lean beef contains about 160 calories, but that’s still a lot compared with other protein sources such as egg whites and chicken breast. Over time, those extra calories add up and make it harder for overweight men trying to lose weight or maintain their weight loss.


A closeup of unhealthy alcoholic drinks.
Alcohol is fun but can kill a healthy diet.

You’re not 21; you’re 30+. Alcohol is loaded with empty calories and will inhibit your weight-loss goals. If you have a few drinks, switch to diet soda or skip the alcohol altogether. After all, there are other ways for men (overweight or otherwise) to have fun. These include playing video games with friends and drinking seltzer water flavored with a splash of juice instead of mixers.

Another tip for overweight men who want to lose weight: limit alcohol consumption.

There are times when your judgment might be impaired, like when you have one too many drinks after work. With alcohol, it’s easy to overdo it and eat more calories than you would on a sober night out with friends. Plus, alcohol slows down your metabolism and reduces muscle growth, making it harder for overweight men to lose weight.

Soda or Fruit Juice

A closeup of an unhealthy soda.
Skip the soda and fruit juice! Be a hydrohomie.

Both fruit juice and soda are loaded with sugar, so men should avoid them both. The average can of soda contains about 40 grams of sugar, and a glass of orange juice comes with around 20 grams. These sweet beverages don’t fill you up, but they do make you hungrier by making your body crave more carbs than it needs. You should skip both soda and fruit juice if you want to lose weight as an overweight man.

Fruit juice has the same problems as soda, but it also has fewer nutrients. Plus, it’s high in calories and can lead to excessive weight gain if you drink too much of it regularly. Men trying to lose weight should limit their fruit juice intake or avoid it altogether. Opt for low-fat milk instead.

There you have it! If you are an overweight dude trying to shed some pounds, stay away from these five belly busters, and you will see the weight drop off like a sack of potatoes. If you would like to get a better grip on your health or find out your BMI, check out this post on BMI charts for men.

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